71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751

T: 631-581-5933

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71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751
T: 631-581-5933
F: 631-581-8429

71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751

T: 631-581-5933 

F: 631-581-8429


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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading to your children, from birth through 5 years, is an important step in helping them acquire the skills they need to be ready to read. We’re here to help you create a love of reading for your child and to assist in their success in school from kindergarten and beyond. Register for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program to make this challenge fun! Your child will receive prizes and stickers for every 100 books that are completed. Register at the Children’s Reference Desk to get started with our Instructions and Easy Fill-in Sheets.

This Month's Recommended Books

Book Recommendations & Downloads For Children

Meet our Program Specialists

Ms. Buscarino

Ms. Buscarino LOVES fiction. She’s an expert on everything fantasy, from dragons to demigods and all wizarding and witchling school adventures in between. Want to chat about the latest graphic novels? Find Ms. B.

Mrs. Darcy

Diane Darcy

Come to the library and visit Mrs. Darcy! She likes to read and read; Her friends have all agreed; Storytime, crafts and bingo Programs she likes to lead; That makes her a very happy librarian indeed!

Ms. Ferrari

Michele Ferrari

The tall tale of the Literary Monster has been solved! We should have known it was Mrs. Ferrari! Mrs. F. can talk books for hours, days, months, or years! Just give her thirty minutes during one of her Storytimes and the Monster becomes a Minstrel who is sure to delight listeners.

Mrs. Graybosch

Maria Graybosch

She's a singer, she's a dancer, she's Super Storytime Teller! Mrs. Graybosch, our Musical Maestro, is guaranteed to shake your sillies out at our world famous storytimes… Don't miss out!

Ms. Herbst

Searching for a librarian whose story times are full of laughter? Look no further than Miss Herbst! Her love of books and silly songs are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Mrs. Hoffman

Jane Hoffman

Who can take a coffee lid, a bottle cap, a pompom and make a Super craft? Why Mrs. Hoffman can! She is our resident Marvelous Maker Maven! Do not hesitate to make a date to create at one of her Craftastic programs!

Mrs. LoDolce

Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos… Mrs. LoDolce would like to welcome you to the Children's Department. Suggestions and new ideas to further enrich your family's experience at the library are always welcome.

Mrs. R

3D printers, Ozobots, and more, Oh my! Mrs. R is our Gifted Gadget Guru! Attend one of her electrified programs, and your tech skills will blast off!

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