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71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751
T: 631-581-5933
F: 631-581-8429

71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751

T: 631-581-5933 

F: 631-581-8429


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New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for Teens

New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for Teens (and everyone else too!)

Here are some ideas to make 2019 your best year ever!

Number 1:

Be you! Boost your self-esteem by accepting who you are and embracing the fact that you are amazing and nothing can stand in your way. You are awesome!

Number 2:

Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends and family and ask for help if you need it. Eating healthier, drinking more water, meditating, and doing yoga are some things to help you feel your best.

Number 3:

Read more! Reading is an excellent way to boost creativity and expand your imagination. Reading helps relieve stress and exposes you to new ideas. Ask a librarian for book recommendations!

Number 4:

Dare to be brave! Do something you’ve never done before like learn how to crochet or make a meal from scratch. Learning new skills can help you prepare for the future.

Number 5:

Volunteer! The world needs you and your compassion! Volunteering your time for a good cause will make you feel great! The library is a wonderful place to find such (teen) volunteer opportunities.

Number 6:

Always be kind. You never know what others are going through - you just may be their glimmer of hope.

Now, go out there and rock 2019!

Tabletop Role Playing Games

Tabletop Role Playing Games

Some of my best friendships were made during my teen years sitting around a table pretending to be a half-elf druid with a Warg as a pet. I am still friends with the people I played Dungeons and Dragons with, and the game has become a staple of my adult life. Dungeons and Dragons is just one of the many awesome tabletop games that can be played with many people, but it  happens to be my favorite. As an avid gamer and mythology lover, anything to do with ancient myths (especially Greek or Norse), and mysteries is right up my alley. Tabletop gaming allows the creative type to unleash their imagination and have loads of fun, especially as the Dungeon Master, where your friend’s (character’s) fates are literally in your hand.

Some of my other favorite tabletop games are Werewolf, Call of Cthulhu, Munchkin, Apples to Apples, and Adventure Time Love Letter. I also enjoy playing the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which takes you to the warring realm of Azeroth, and reading about the Drow Elf Drizzt Do’Urden and his tumultuous life in the Forgotten Realms series. Tabletop gaming is an incredibly fun way to meet new friends, read some awesome stories, and create your own world or characters, places, and scenarios. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Your library is the perfect place to learn how to play tabletop games, make new friends, and discover something that you will enjoy for years to come. Remember to stop by our Teen Room to check out our upcoming program calendar and flyers too.

Follow us on Instagram: @isliplibraryteenroom for updates and program information!

Sensory Story Time

Sensory Story Time – Libraries Are for Everyone

Join our Sensory Story Time - Wednesday, July 11 (4:00-4:45 pm) Registration begins Monday, July 2, 5:30 pm at the Islip Public Library. For Islip Library cardholders. Children ages 36 months – preschool age/with caregiver.

Story times are an integral part of library services for children across the globe. They are designed to help promote literacy, vocabulary, and motor skills while having fun. Story times are developed by librarians and are built upon a foundation of creating and nurturing a love of reading in children. Libraries are a place where everyone can feel safe and welcome.

Sensory-based story times are designed especially for children who have sensory issues. Family attendance helps to create a welcoming and accepting atmosphere. These story times may include children who do not have sensory issues as well. Inclusiveness in a small group setting encourages children to form bonds with their peers.

In sensory story time settings, the librarians are aware that every child has different needs and may behave in a variety of ways. Programs are created to cater to certain sensory needs, such as the need to move about while the book(s) are being read. Studies show that a child’s vocabulary increases just by listening to new words. Interactive books are often included in sensory story times, as are movement based songs and finger plays. These activities help to increase early literacy skills in children who may not enjoy sitting still and being quiet. Join us!

Rats Aren’t Yucky: The Benefits of Having a Pet Rat

There is a huge difference between a wild city rat and a pet fancy rat! Pet rats cannot transmit a lot of the same diseases that wild rats can, and respectable breeders have their babies tested for illnesses, like the Hanta virus, before they are allowed to go to a new home. Pet rats are bred for temperament and companionship and do not exhibit any wild characteristics, other than really liking human food!

Pet rats are clean, smart, and make wonderful companions. From being great therapy animals, to helping find and deactivate land mines, animal lovers would be wise to give a pet rat a chance! Their companionship is highly rewarding and there is a good reason why the rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Here are some amazing things about pet rats that may (or may not!) surprise you.

  • 1. They can learn tricks, including their names and are pretty easy to train. They can also be litter trained with good motivation.
  • 2. They are actually very clean animals and spend hours during the day grooming themselves and their cage mates.
  • 3. Rats are very affectionate and cuddly! They really enjoy getting time out of their cages to spend with you and are very social animals.
  • 4. Rats are actually less likely to bite than other small furry animals because of their intelligence!

These are just a few of the many wonderful things about pet rats, but, keep in mind there are a few downfalls as well, such as longevity and potential medical costs because they need a special vet. No one pet has a perfect score, but pet rats get as close as possible and really do make great companions, especially for children.

If the topic hasn’t scared you off, there will be a chance to meet a pet rat at the Islip Public Library on Monday March 12, a handsome year and a half old male rat named Marshmallow, aka Mooshie. Why don’t you come down and meet him! He’ll be in the Children’s Room with me, his human.

For additional information on heroRATS and all of the amazing things they do, visit apopo.org

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