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71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751
T: 631-581-5933
F: 631-581-8429

71 Monell Avenue
Islip, NY 11751

T: 631-581-5933 

F: 631-581-8429


Archive Monthly Archives: February 2018

Rats Aren’t Yucky: The Benefits of Having a Pet Rat

There is a huge difference between a wild city rat and a pet fancy rat! Pet rats cannot transmit a lot of the same diseases that wild rats can, and respectable breeders have their babies tested for illnesses, like the Hanta virus, before they are allowed to go to a new home. Pet rats are bred for temperament and companionship and do not exhibit any wild characteristics, other than really liking human food!

Pet rats are clean, smart, and make wonderful companions. From being great therapy animals, to helping find and deactivate land mines, animal lovers would be wise to give a pet rat a chance! Their companionship is highly rewarding and there is a good reason why the rat is the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Here are some amazing things about pet rats that may (or may not!) surprise you.

  • 1. They can learn tricks, including their names and are pretty easy to train. They can also be litter trained with good motivation.
  • 2. They are actually very clean animals and spend hours during the day grooming themselves and their cage mates.
  • 3. Rats are very affectionate and cuddly! They really enjoy getting time out of their cages to spend with you and are very social animals.
  • 4. Rats are actually less likely to bite than other small furry animals because of their intelligence!

These are just a few of the many wonderful things about pet rats, but, keep in mind there are a few downfalls as well, such as longevity and potential medical costs because they need a special vet. No one pet has a perfect score, but pet rats get as close as possible and really do make great companions, especially for children.

If the topic hasn’t scared you off, there will be a chance to meet a pet rat at the Islip Public Library on Monday March 12, a handsome year and a half old male rat named Marshmallow, aka Mooshie. Why don’t you come down and meet him! He’ll be in the Children’s Room with me, his human.

For additional information on heroRATS and all of the amazing things they do, visit apopo.org

Sit Down and Read Today at the Islip Public Library

“Reading fiction is important. It is a vital means of imagining a life other than our own, which in turn makes us more empathetic beings. Following complex story lines stretches our brains beyond the 140 characters of sound-bite thinking, and staying within the world of a novel gives us the ability to be quiet and alone, two skills that are disappearing faster than the polar icecaps.”

“Reading fiction not only develops our imagination and creativity, it gives us the skills to be alone. It gives us the ability to feel empathy for people we've never met, living lives we couldn't possibly experience for ourselves, because the book puts us inside the character's skin.

Ann Patchett

I love these quotes by Ann Patchett, author of, The State of Wonder; Bel Canto; Commonwealth and many other books. She is also the owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville Tennessee where she devotes her time (when she’s not writing) to promoting reading.

In a world filled with sound-bites and simplistic responses to abstract and complicated issues, how refreshing it is to know that people still read, think, and feel. Readers know that it is through experiencing another person’s inner world that we grow to be the best kind of humans we can be – compassionate and empathetic. Reading fiction (or autobiography) is especially compelling because as you enter the world of the story, you also enter into another’s life experience. When the writing is good, the experience is extraordinary - expanding our world, piquing our curiosity, softening our hearts, and getting us to think.

According to the Pew Research Center, as of January 2014, some 76% of American adults ages 18 and older said that they had read at least one book in the past year. That’s good but not good enough, because the flip side of that means that 24% of Americans did not read even one book in the past year! Why not?! Money is not required to read, the free public libraries in the United States are extraordinary. Not every country in the world has library systems with free and open access to books and information as we do here. No time? Try listening to a book during your commute, or try getting away from all the screens in your life. Voilá, more time! Not a great reader? No worries, the best way to become a better reader is to read more.

At the Islip Public Library our shelves are packed with books, and if you want to read something that we do not own or is already checked out, we will get it for you. In Suffolk County alone there are over 60 public libraries! A delivery system operates 6 days each week and delivers books back and forth among the libraries. Your (free) Islip Public Library card provides you with free access to some of the collections in all of these libraries, and to everything in our collections here at the Islip Library. If you prefer to read on an electronic device, you can use your library card to download ebooks and audiobooks onto that. Yes, downloads are free too! Don’t know what to read? Ask a librarian at the Reference Desk. We will share our personal recommendations with you as well as lists of award winning titles and authors.

So get a library card if you don’t already have one, bring it with you to the library, and for goodness sake, just check out a book! Sit down and read it today! Further test your powers of concentration - put your phone away, step away from the television, the radio, the video games, the tablet, the computer. Good for you - you’re reading a book!

Step into the World of Virtual Reality at the Islip Public Library

Thanks to the Suffolk Cooperative Lending Library program, the Islip Public Library will have access to the HTC Vive Virtual Reality system from February 9 - February 12. Schedule a 30-minute appointment and transport yourself into another world -- the world of Virtual Reality!

Swim underwater, travel to a foreign country, jump off a skyscraper -- these are just some of the virtual reality experiences that will be available. While wearing the virtual reality headset, you will be able to "look around" the artificial world, move about in it, and interact with features or items that are depicted inside the headset.

So what exactly is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that can be explored and interacted with. You become a part of this virtual world and are immersed within this environment. While you’re there you can manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

Please note - due to the intensity of virtual reality you must be 13 years or older in order to try it out.

Please stop by or call us at 631-581-5933 to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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