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Proposed 2018-2019 Library Budget


Budgeted 2017-2018

Budgeted 2018-2019

Salaries & Related Expenses



Mandated NYS Retirement System Costs



Library Materials



Capital Equipment



Operation & Maintenance of Building



Library Administration






Total Budget before Debt Service



Debt Service






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Proposed Budget Request




The Board is committed to creating connections for our patrons – connections to information, to materials in a variety of formats, to classes that support educational objectives, to outreach services that make the Library relevant for everyone, and to events that enrich leisure time. We hope you will use the Library to find a meaningful connection for yourself. Join a community organization that meets at the Library, share a book discussion, spend an enjoyable afternoon watching a blockbuster on our large screen, ready your child for school with the “1000 books before Kindergarten” challenge, improve your computer literacy in a hands-on class, learn English or Spanish, experience virtual reality, find a new pet through an adoption event, arrange free delivery of library materials for a homebound relative, clear your paper clutter with a periodic shredding service, prepare to become a citizen, or improve your health in a fitness class. The choices for connecting with meaningful materials, services, and people here at the Library are endless.

The proposed 2018-2019 budget presented by your Library Board of Trustees supports all those life-enhancing connections, and it does so while (once again) falling under the New York State tax cap. Reflecting an increase of only 1.93%, the proposed budget will add only another $6.05 in taxes for the year for the average homeowner.

You will note that the Library will retire the bond that funded the expansion of the Library in 2001. With debt service payments nearing completion, the Board is able to properly fund a Capital Equipment line that is in sync with the costs of maintaining a 26,000 square foot library facility. Wear and tear is inevitable for such things as roofing, heating and cooling, electric, property needs, furnishings, computers, and more. Any unspent funds from this Capital line will be saved in assigned funds for larger future projects. An example of such good planning for future needs is our upcoming parking lot and curbing refurbishment. Foreseeing the need for significant site work, the Board put aside monies over a period of years to spare the community any spike in taxes.

Overall, the proposed budget promises another year of exceptional services and value, and the Board respectfully requests your support of both our Library budget and our incumbent Trustee, William Wexler, Esq. on Tuesday, April 10th. Please feel free to reach out to the Director, Mary Schubart, if you have any questions or concerns at this or any other time of the year.

The Library Budget Hearing will take place Thursday, March 29th at 6:30 pm.

The Library Budget Vote is Tuesday, April 10th from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in the Library lobby.

Election of one term of five years will be held.
Candidate: William Wexler, Esq.

Based on the total proposed budget increase, the estimated Homestead tax increase will be .0151 for each $100 of assessed valuation ~ only $6.05 more per year for a house assessed at $40,000.

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