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Proposed 2017-2018 Library Budget


Budgeted 2016-2017

Budgeted 2017-2018

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The proposed 2017-28 budget presented by your Library Board of Trustees once again falls under the New York State tax cap. It reflects an increase of only 1.18%, which amounts to a tax increase of only $6.23 for the year for the average homeowner. Note that the budget reflects a sizeable reduction in the debt service to be collected, which is possible due to the anticipated retirement of the bond the Library took out for the expansion of the facility in 1999. This payoff of debt will occur at a great savings to taxpayers thanks to a couple of refinancings and the accrual of interest on the bond over the last nearly two decades, which per legal mandate, will be used to pay off the debt, and only to pay off the debt.

​With the bond payoff in sight, the Board was able to craft a budget that stays under the cap, that preserves all services and collections, and that also funds critical areas of the budget. For example, the new budget provides several thousand more dollars for books and programming for patrons of all ages. Additionally, the budget funds a new "Outreach Department," which focuses attention on serving seniors, the homebound, patrons for whom English is a second language and/or who wish to learn to speak Spanish, veterans, and the disabled. Also, new library cards are in the pipeline, and we've heard your requests: the new cards will come with secondary key cards for those of you who find it handier to pull out car keys than a library card at checkout time. The Capital line of the budget sees the most substantial increase. Although each and every budget year ends "under budget," capital expenditures — for new computers, furnishings, and needed facility equipment (heating, cooling, electric, roof etc.) — traditionally exceed the budgeted amount. For this reason, the Board felt it wise to put this line in sync with real life experiences. Keep in mind, the terrace that should wrap up later in 2017 in no way impacts this proposed budget, as the cost for that new space is funded through grants obtained specifically for the new initiative.

Overall, the proposed 2027-18 budget reflects a tremendous value. The Library Trustees and staff are committed to the support of educational objectives, the enrichment of leisure time, and lifelong learning. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Director at 581-5933. The Board respectfully requests your support for the budget on April 4th.

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