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Google Flights: Discover the Best Time & Price for Your Next Vacation

Google Flights is a fantastic tool that allows you to see a multitude of destinations, dates, prices and airlines all at the same time. This tool will allow you to quickly compare and discover the best time and price for your next vacation.

For the adventurous person who is fairly flexible on their destination, try the Explore Map feature, found in the menu bar. Here you can type in a region, such as the Caribbean or choose a more specific destination such as St. Lucia.

Google Flights will navigate you to a map of the region with prices for all of the major airports in the vicinity.

St. Lucia might be more expensive than you thought but would you consider Antigua if it was significantly cheaper to fly there? It is also a useful tool for those travelling to an area with multiple airports within driving distance, such as Southeast Florida.

A menu above the map will give you the option to limit the search based on the amount of stops, total price, particular airlines, departure times, duration time, and interests.

The options for interests allows you to discover great destinations based on your likes such as beaches, food, culture, shopping, and more. I chose Adventure Travel because I enjoy swimming with sharks and jumping off cliffs…OK, I chose beaches because I really just want to read about people who do those crazy things while sitting on a beach drinking anything out of a coconut.

If you want to fly to a specific airport choose the Flights feature from the menu. After entering in your desired information, Google Flights will produce a list of flight options you can choose from. On their menu, you can limit the amount of stops, price range, airlines, travel times and more. If you are flexible on your dates of travel you can also discover a great bargain with Google Flights, click on one of the dates you entered for departing or arriving and Google will provide a calendar with the cheapest flight prices for your selected options. If you are flexible on the amount of days you are travelling, choose the Flexible Date button to display a chart of the prices broken down by various degrees of travel days.

For a more general search, the Price Graph feature will give you a broader view of how prices change. The Price Graph feature is beneficial for planners who want to discover the cheapest times of year to fly to a particular destination.

The cost of the flight can often make or break a vacation budget, especially when travelling with a family. Google Flights is a great tool to discover cheaper flights for your next destination so that you can splurge on other parts of your vacation. To discover more about the destination itself I would recommend that you come into the library so that we can find you some great travel books and movies that will help you fine tune your next vacation – this way you won’t be stuck hanging off a cliff someplace instead of relaxing on a beach with the most delicious drink imaginable.

Matt Wuthenow

Matt Wuthenow

Matt Wuthenow is the Head of our Technical Services Department and also a Reference Librarian. He loves discovering new cuisines and is always on the hunt for a new food truck or restaurant. He enjoys reading business news, health and technology articles, investment tips, and an occasional thriller. Matt likes cooking shows, movies, and binge watching premier TV shows like Game of Thrones and Homeland. His favorite thing to do is read to his young daughter every day. Click here to subscribe to Matt Wuthenow's blog posts!

Amy - July 14, 2016

Great info! I did find that the Interest Explorer is a bit off / on thing. I found plenty of results under some Interests, and zero results for others.

Overall, great positioning on the travel tool to give you some options for making a decision on where to go!

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