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April is National Poetry Month

When my children were younger, I had the naïve expectation that they would be willing accomplices in my plan to create a “poetry at sunset” moment, a time taken out of the day to celebrate this art form, memorizing or reading something that had meaning for them or was just plain fun to read out […]

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Email Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts to Follow Before You Hit Send

In this constantly changing, fast-paced tech world, we can sometimes forget how important proper email etiquette is. Technology has engaged teens especially, with positive fast-paced interactions. Unfortunately, many negative effects can result from not using proper email etiquette. What is appropriate with friends in emails and on social networking sites may not be appropriate when […]

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Talk, Sing, Read, Play and Write – The Five Practices of Literacy

The five practices of literacy are talking, singing, reading, playing, and writing. These practices are fundamental to children’s growth as future readers. Believe it or not, caregivers are the best people to help their children learn these practices just by doing everyday things with them. Here are some tips to get you started at home.Talking:Talk […]

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Graduation Leads to Lifelong Learning | May 2017

Are you looking for an inspirational message for a recent graduate, or maybe for yourself, about living your best life? Perhaps one of the following will inspire you or someone you know to reach higher and pursue lifelong learning! From Nelson Mandela:“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”From […]

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Write Your Way to a Better You

Better You

Did you know that writing can have a number of benefits to you both physically and mentally? Below are a list of ways writing has been proven to benefit your body and mind:1. Writing can help you recover from a traumatic event:Writing expressively can help injuries heal faster. Expressive writing, according to a study from […]

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