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¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Que cada día del Año Nuevo sea un motivo para sonreír con experiencias nuevas para disfrutar como… Adoptar un gato en la biblioteca de Islip sábado el 14 de enero del 2017 Adquirir piezas de colección excepcionales en el Show de Antigüedades de Invierno de Nueva York del 20 al 29 de enero del 2017 […]

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The Podcast Explosion

The Podcast ExplosionAs a librarian I often ask people what they are reading and what they are listening to. Lately, more and more people have been telling me about their favorite podcasts. Podcasts have exploded in the past few years, with good reason, they offer an amazing amount of entertainment, education, and enjoyment. Podcasts are […]

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Land of the Lost URL! Part 4

Great websites for kids that you probably never heard about. Remarkable Museum Websites from around the nation (for Adults and Kids) Here is a list of a few museum website that deserve some attention. Most of the museums here are world-class and are well known. Their sites exhibit a few common traits; they are information rich, they […]

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Music = Memory

music equals memory

If someone should ask you to recite the alphabet, would you automatically sing it? Most English speakers in the United States were taught the names and order of the letters by the “ABC Song” (Honestly, don’t you find yourself singing snatches of it in your head when having to alphabetize something?). Words and music join […]

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